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Agoora is focusing on the management and the transparency of data streams, in and beyond dedicated data-transports (e.g. Apache Kafka) and pushes towards "Data as a Product".

Documentation, Discoverability & Ownership

  • Multiple transports
  • Support for Markdown documentation
  • Claim a Data Offer as user or a team as the owner (e.g. claim a Kafka Topic)
  • Tag support
  • Integration for additional Information and URLs (e.g. Monitoring System), through custom properties and Deep Dive Links
  • Topology
  • Basic Metrics


  • No need to be the master system - but can be.
  • Make things transparent in one place, for details - dive into the specific tools or ask the owner
  • No need to be perfect from day 1. Continuous improvements supported.
  • See who and what is consuming your data downstreams.

Change Detection & Lifecycle Management

Whenever a state changes (like detection of a new consumer, a schema change, ...), we provide hooks to react.

  • State change detection
  • Actual and target state support for data streams


  • Focus on organisational needs by acting upon certain state changes.
  • Foundation for Self-Service without building everything from scratch.

Data Quality

  • Data profiling and statistics based on data-samples
  • Data quality measurements
  • Schema inference


  • Processing of payload data in profiler agent only (On-Site, next to the transport), no processing in the Cloud needed.
  • Automatically generated data quality measurements and data profiles
  • Understand what's actually going through a topic

Integration and Automation

  • Integration into existing ecosystem
  • APIs are key. GraphQL for fronting services and gRPC API for entity specific integrations.
  • Deep dive tools: context specific custom links on the UI to jump directly into the corresponding tools
  • Hook into any kind of event in Agoora through the Hooks API


  • Fits nicely into any existing ecosystem. Agoora never pushes you to use Agoora as the master system!
  • Support for as many transport you need (e.g. per stage and Kafka cluster)
  • Runs data and action critical things next to your data (on-premise, dedicated cloud, ...) or wherever you want
  • No action towards your transport by default, but when you are ready for the next level - Agoora is ready too!
  • Custom integrations and workflows possible. Hook into any kind of state changes and do whatever brings value to your organisation.
  • The default topology mapping might not be enough for you. Integrate architectural information vertically (e.g. by application identifier, domain context or even on a pod level) and put it on the next level.


  • Federation, OIDC, SAML
  • JWT as base for authentication and authorization
  • global authorization enforcement
  • Hierarchical resource based authorization enforcement with support for relations.


  • Payload (Data Records) are processed next to your data only (e.g. On-Site, On-Prem, *-Cloud)
  • Authorization mechanisms can be applied in general, not service specific
  • Federation to different IdPs possible