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Just because SDM is more than a great idea and a product, we still have certain limitations and even know issues.

State Agent (sdm-kafka-agent)

  • The agent has to be configured with credentials which must be created manually. There is no self service transport creation and agent authorization. (planned)
  • There is no support for the old zookeeper based consumer groups.
  • There is currently no opensource version of the agent. You may request a review of the code for your security audit.


  • The profiling agent creates data reports locally. In case of big data sets, it might be that the report is bigger than the default limits of gRPC. In such cases the profiling is reported back as an operational error.
  • Currently only JSON payloads are supported.
  • Schemas with more than 10 nested levels can not be shown well in the ui
  • Search supported by Resource Type only
  • System tags (on current states) like no-data are not searchable.
  • Multiple search terms are not supported


  • The UI is not mobile friendly and not intended to be used on mobile devices.


  • The APIs are under heavy development and should not be considered stable. For provided agents, we provide backwards compatibility.