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Quick Start

The GraphQL API is THE fronting API and is reachable by the /graphql endpoint. Here is a quick way to access a GUI where one can interact with the API.

Get the Access Token

First, open your environment in your browser. Inspect the page, and after logging in, you will be able to see in the network tab various queries. Copy the JWT token found in the response to the token request under access_token. The access token is a JSON Web Token. It can be validated or inspected on the site.

Access Graphical Explorer

Open a Browser Tab, enter the SDM Endpoint and add the JWT token as value to the access_token parameter. After opening the page you'll get full access to the GraphQL API documentation with live API interaction including auto-completion, pretty print, help, syntax high-lighting and more.


Access Token for GraphQL API Requests

For each API Request the same access token needs to be set in the Authorization header as a bearer token. In the Graphical Explorer, add the Authorization HTTP header on the bottom left.

Example: { "Authorization": "Bearer PasteBearerTokenHere" }

You will then be able to query the GraphQL API directly.

Docs and Schemas

On the right, you have access to the Documentation and Schema. In there, all queries and mutations offered by the API are described including their arguments.