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Offer auto remove

Normally when you have a data offer and you mark its data port as deleted, the offer will not be removed. It's like this, so an agent configuration issue or an ACLs misconfiguration won't destroy all your offers if an agent cannot see the data port anymore.

However, if you know what you're doing and you want an offer to be deleted as soon as an agent marks a data port as deleted you can set the properties on the offer. This is really useful if you're doing documentation as code and you don't create offers manually in the UI.


The UI mainly uses UUID in URLs. If you want to integrate our system with links based on data port properties (like for example the topic name), you have the possibility to use the redirect feature.

  • Data Offer

Redirect to a Data Offer based in certain key from others entities (data-port or data-item)

To redirect you will need to provide those query params:

  • source: the source of your redirect request (can be data-port or data-item)
  • transportPath: This is the path of the transport the way you see it in the admin page
  • section: Optional, with this you can for example go directly to the schema section of the offer
  • properties those are the properties of the source that you want to use for example: You can find those properties in the properties view of the offer

Example of a valid redirection link:

  • Catalogue

Redirect to data offers catalogues filtered by the provided user name or email.

To redirect you will need to provide those query params:

  • owner: name or email of a user.

LIMITATION: we do not support owner with spaces like User One for that you can provide one of the names like User and then select from the user match list.

Example of a valid redirection link: